Dakini Yoga with Yoga Master Zena Ursuliak, Reiki Master, Honorary Doctorate of Dance, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Private Sessions

"Zenna is an amazing healer.  Her hands on approach to wellness includes massage, prayer, visualization and other energy balancing and clearing techniques.  I always leave my sessions feeling clearer, more peaceful, more connected to my own divinity and definitely glad to be alive. I think if we could clone her and give one of her to each political leader, the world would definitely be a better place to live.  I would recommend Zena to anyone." ~Marthe Murphy, RMT, CNMT

For a Private Appointment Email: dakiniyoga@gmail.com


Private Sessions with Zena Ursuliak

Yoga Master Zenna assists many people go forward into the next phase of their life with greater confidence and trust.

Everyone at times in her/his life goes through confusion, physical pain, or depression. These experiences tell one that it is time for a change. Any big transition takes at least six months, until the "new you" is comfortable with the changes.

"I really enjoy helping people become more joyful as they understand the reasons for what has happened in their life. When we allow our Self to relax, insights come, then we are easily in tune and healthier."

A Private Session May Include One or More of the Following:

  • Yoga Therapy for your health concerns, with suggestions for yoga, breathing or relaxation methods to practice at home.
  • Reiki (improves circulation, balances energy, and allows deep relaxation)
  • a soothing foot and hand massage with healing oils by Nip & Yarrow
  • Chakra clearing and energy balancing
  • Various healing mantras chanted for you
  • Counseling and mentoring (a spiritual and realistic look at your life)
  • White Buffalo Woman (Zenna) offers Feather Healing and more
  • Hindu Numerology to understand your cycles


May all Beings become Enlightened!