Dakini Yoga with Yoga Master Zena Ursuliak, Reiki Master, Honorary Doctorate of Dance, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dakini Yoga Edmonton Class Schedule

"Yoga classes with regular practice create a body that is strong, agile and flexible for your whole life. Added benefits are a calm, clear mind, a positive outlook and incredible energy!"
~ Yoga Master Zenna Ariel (previously Zena Ursuliak)

"Consult your spirit, your soul, on everything." Deciding whether a sadhana (spiritual practice) is right for you is between you and your soul. Knowing whether your modification is coming from intuition or ego is also up to you. A teacher can help guide you and steer you in the right direction and share the fruit of experience, but ultimately you have the rudder and the compass to your own ship. What a beautiful fleet we are! -Yogi Bhajan

Zenna is taking a sabbatical for the moment from teaching regular weekly classes, except at WCB.


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With Love and Light, Zenna

Book Your Private Session: Balance and Re-align your Chakras and Pancha Kosha (five bodies); Improve your Yoga, Energy, and Light! Receive clarity about your life path.

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For further information email: dakiniyoga@gmail.com

Dakini Beginner Yoga Classes

An introduction to Hatha Yoga stretches, breathing, meditation and relaxation. This class is also for those who have experienced shoulder or back conditions, or have other health concerns and would like to strengthen. Learn helpful hints to reduce stress. It's fun and lifts your Spirit!

By participating for the last 6 years in Zena’s Yoga classes, I have gained the knowledge on how to release my daily aches, whether mental or physical. Through the continual practice of assorted poses, my muscles have released so I am actually a ¼” taller! I’m healthier, experiencing less colds and flu, and I feel younger with improved flexibility.”  -Diane Lee

Dakini Advanced Yoga Classes

More intensive for those who are have taken yoga for at least three years and are proficient at many asanas.  We shall be doing advanced Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Mudras, Mantras and Bandhas. Cleansing Techniques are also discussed and encouraged. We integrate yoga into daily life.

Zena sees both your physical and spiritual potential, and gently guides you towards it.  With Zena, becoming an ardent Yogini seemed to just happen, and I found myself unfolding like a lotus flower.  I didn't realize the full beauty of it until a doctor and a nurse, at a recent medical check-up, asked me if I did yoga, and with whom.” -Lynda Flynne