Dakini Yoga with Yoga Master Zena Ursuliak, Reiki Master, Honorary Doctorate of Dance, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Many students mention they want to take Zenna home to help them relax, and soothe them to sleep. Now it is possible for everyone to do these Yoga Nidra techniques with Zenna's CD's.

Floating on a White Cloud

Floating on a White Cloud CD

Twenty minutes of this relaxation is equivalent to four hours of sleep!

"I love "Floating on a White Cloud" because it rejuvenates my body, mind and soul. It's like a mini spa getaway and I can do it anywhere!" - Karen Kirkwood

Music by Katmandu. Katmandu plays every winter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and summers in British Columbia. To hear more great music from Katmandu (Don Pope and Rhonda Marina) contact them at musicdonrhonda.blogspot.com or email don-rhonda@hotmail.com


Relaxation for Pregnancy

You are pregnant! You are glowing! You need sleep!

Healthy Baby, Healthy Mom;
Peaceful Baby, Peaceful Mom.

"Relaxation for Pregnancy" at prenatal yoga helped my mind and body TRULY relax, even in my last few weeks of pregnancy when relaxing seemed impossible. I am so excited to bring Zena's CD home and will continue to use it for years to come!" -Candice Robinson

Relaxation for Pregnancy

Pricing and Order Information

Price of Each CD $20

$3 delivery in Canada (3-5 days)
$5 delivery in U S A (10-14 days)
$8 delivery Internatinoal (26 weeks)

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Beautiful belly photo taken by Lynnea Waselenko.